Gareth Stringer's blogGAR Entries

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blogGAR: Six airshows and four jet flights in five weeks!Gareth takes a photographic look back at an intensive few weeks of airshow attendance, work and flying.
How I Learned to Love the Space RaceGareth Stringer takes a look at one of his true passions, the space race, and the strong connection between aviation and the project to put a man on the moon.
blogGAR: Hog Hunting at RIATThe day that the West Coast A-10 Demonstration Team was confirmed for RIAT Gareth Stringer decided we had to try and secure an interview for Global Aviation Resource, or Global Aviation Magazine as it turned out, and set the wheels in motion. So, what happened next?
blogGAR - Regal Royal Air Force Does It AgainGareth reflects on the impact made by the Royal Air Force and its Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at the Royal Wedding and brings us up to speed on recent events and forthcoming attractions.
Display visits, GAR and PlanesTV, current events in Libya and a trip to BinbrookGareth brings us up to speed on recent visits to meet the 2011 Tutor and Tucano Display Teams, news on plans for GAR and PlanesTV, a word on current events in Libya and thoughts on a visit to a sorry looking Binbrook.
Defence Cuts, Now It's Getting PersonnelGareth writes on the announcement that RAF trainee aircrew face redundancy.
Northolt nightshoot, Cotswold Airshow Volunteers and Gulf War 20thA quick catch up from Gareth on Northolt’s most recent nightshoot, a call for volunteers from the Cotswold Airshow and memories of the Gulf War.
Recommended Reading - Thuds, MiGs and RhinosWith a few more wintry months to go until the evenings brighten, the weather improves (hopefully!) and the airshow season commences, Gareth recommends some reading matter to pass the time.
Luck Favours The BraveGareth takes a trip to RAF Cottesmore to catch some Harriers as the end of the aircraft’s UK service draws near – and gets a little more than he bargained for.
Looking back and looking forwards, but remaining largely stationary!Well, winter has well and truly arrived in the UK and, still recovering from surgery, Gareth Stringer takes the opportunity to catch up on recent events and deliver a large slice of nostalgia having dug in to the depths of his photographic collection.
Benson Families Day, Dunsfold delights, and Remembering The FewGareth takes a look back at RAF Benson's Families Day, a superb weekend at Dunsfold, uploading to and GAR's microsite to commemorate The Few.
Midsummer Musings.Gareth takes advantage of the gap in proceedings to catch up on the news, tell you about Dawn to Dusk and invite GAR readers to join in for some Fantasy Football action.
And, relax................. Gareth takes his turn at looking back over a manic few weeks in the UK's airshow calendar.
Dreams come true as Boeing 787 arrives at Farnborough 2010. One of the stars of this year’s Farnborough Airshow arrived in the UK this morning when Boeing 787 made its much anticipated touch down at the iconic Hampshire airport. Gareth Stringer reports with images by Paul Dopson.
Thunder at Farnborough as the JF-17 arrives. Gareth Stringer reports on the arrival of the JF-17 Thunder at Farnborough for the aircraft's public debut in the west. Images by Paul Dopson.
An eventful few weeks – in more ways than one. Gareth Stringer looks back at an action packed few weeks which included a number of new experiences.
Travels in France, Merlins in Wales, Airshows and Operations Gareth Stringer reflects on trips to France and Wales and looks ahead to a couple of very busy weekends and an appointment with his surgeon!
C'est l'anniversaire heureux pour GAR et maintenant à La Ferté Alais!Gareth Stringer looks ahead to GAR's French debut after a manic few days helping prepare the site's 1st birthday update.
Cometh the airshow season, cometh the weather!Gareth Stringer celebrates the end of a long winter and the beginning of the UK airshow season.
Out and About - The GAR Journey ContinuesGareth Stringer is pleased to help show off the 2010 RAF Tucano display scheme in the flesh and provides a quick update on recent GAR activity.
More from Linton plus thoughts on RAF training and support helicoper airshow appearancesGareth Stringer adds some further thoughts on GAR's recent visit to RAF Linton on Ouse, pilot training and airshow news.
A few musings on the weather, the Vulcan and RAF airshow participants.Gareth Stringer blogs on being blamed for poor weather, the Vulcan and some unfair criticism aimed at the RAF's 22 Group display aircraft.
A catch-up and a request for feedbackGareth finally get's around to updating his blogGAR with notes on GAR's award, community interaction, a couple of visits and our Hawk exclusive.
Tales from the Vark sideGareth Stringer looks back at the time he spent with Lakenheath's F-111s and looks forward to a busy few weeks for GAR.
Gareth's Review of the YearGareth Stringer takes a look back at his favourite GAR moments from 2009 and some of the fascinating (and funny) experiences it has brought him. There's also a chance for you to win a copy of's Sunderland Airshow '09 DVD.
Planes TV 2009 airshow DVDs – great winter viewingGareth Stringer recommends airshow viewing from the comfort of your own home, courtesy of Planes TV.
A chilly updateGareth talks about breaking tradition for The Breitling Wingwalkers and GAR's 100th feature.
An update and some messagesHi folks. Just for a change last week was a quieter one in terms of visits and getting ourselves out and about, mainly due to the fact that we blew out (almost literally) a planned air to air shoot on Thursday. I’m pleased to report however that we were able to reschedule successfully yesterday morning and spent a most enjoyable few hours at Cranfield – including the planned flight.
A little reading matter...........Last week I ordered, received and read “The Shepherd” by Frederick Forsyth, which might sound impressive until I tell you that it’s a short story and I finished it in about 25 minutes. It’s a fantastic fictional story about a Vampire pilot (which is why Mark Hooton of the Vampire Preservation Group recommended it) and it inspired me to write this addition to my blogGAR.
Welcome to my blogGARGareth Stringer mulls over GAR’s first six months and takes a look ahead to the future.