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DEC 03 2009
A chilly update

That’s what we thought as well but the past week or so has seen us busier than ever with plans coming to fruition, visits confirmed and meetings scheduled. Granted, some of these won’t be happening until the new year but still, it’s nice to have them safely ring-fenced in the diary and we’ll take that as a positive sign for the months ahead.

It’s not always easy sticking to our commitment to update the main features on the site every Tuesday but we’re proud that we have yet to fail in that regard and we now have more than 100 features to our name – a landmark that Karl managed to spot only after last week’s update while the rest of us had all missed it completely!

Our Tuesday update tradition was broken recently when Martyn Carrington from Aerosuperbatics gave us the opportunity to exclusively reveal The Breitling Wingwalkers’ colour scheme for 2010 on Wednesday morning. We knew the news was worthy of coverage in our main features section, rather than here on blogGAR, so it really wasn’t a difficult decision to put something together once Martyn emailed the imagery over; and the interest was phenomenal – not just from the UK but all over Europe and even further afield.

That is testament to their popularity on the airshow circuit and, as we said in the copy that accompanied the images, it would have been a blow should their participation have been curtailed.

We hope to bring a similar ‘reveal’ to the site in the next few days, possibly with another break from the Tuesday tradition, so please keep checking back or look out for the announcements on Twitter, Facebook and Fighter Control etc. In the meantime, Martyn Carrington has sent the new composite image of their scheme for 2010 so I thought I would include it here.

We’ve still got plenty to do between now and Christmas with the possibility of an air to air assignment this weekend and also two more confirmed visits in the next fortnight – both of which should lead to substantial features with some great imagery alongside them. All will be revealed in the next few weeks but I can guarantee one thing – I’ll be wrapping up warm for both of them!

Finally, I just wanted to point you in the direction of a blog that many of us regular Twitter users have been perusing recently. It’s by ‘RAF Airman’ who is, funnily enough, exactly that and is based at RAF Benson. It’s a most enjoyable read and gives a great insight in to life in today’s Air Force as well as some fascinating anecdotes. Well worth a look, and you’ll find it here http://www.rafairman.blogspot.com

I've added a few of my images here from our trip to Yeovilton last month - mainly as it was damn cold there too so they seem most appropriate!

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