Elliott Marsh's blogGAR Entries

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blogGAR: Snapping in a Winter WonderlandJanuary can be a depressing time. You’ve enjoyed the Christmas festivities, eaten your body weight in turkey (which, in the author's case, is an achievement in itself), drunk enough alcohol to make an enemy of your liver for life and sniffled through Pat Butcher’s death on New Year’s Day. There are no airshows for another four months, the days are still short, the weather’s often grim and your finances are at a yearly low. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, as Elliott hits the road to find out...
blogGAR: Elliott's New Year Catch-upDespite the traditional post-airshow season lull being in full effect, Elliott has still managed to spend most of his free time seeking out sparkly things with wings to photograph.
blogGAR: Elliott's 2011 End of Airshow Season Wrap-upEurope's on the brink of collapse, the Middle East edges closer to all out war and the students are on the march again in the City. What better way to take your mind off the troubles of the world than by reflecting on some of the year's best airshows? Elliott Marsh takes a look back at the second half of the season in his most recent blogGAR entry.
blogGAR: A Spitfire Summer at DuxfordWith the promise of several Spitfires returning from the Goodwood Revival and a first glimpse at the Aircraft Restoration Company's new Spitfire Mk1, Elliott Marsh headed to Duxford on the evening of Sunday 18th September with camera in hand to catch the action.
blogGAR: Elliott's Mid-Airshow Season Wrap-upAt the mid-way point of the 2011 airshow season, Elliott looks back at some of the key events and moments over the last few months.
A tilt in the right direction - Osprey hunting at the HallWith a day off work to play with, Elliott heads to the Suffolk countryside for an evening in the company of the remarkable CV-22 Osprey.
Elliott's Flying Legends PreviewElliott reports on the arrivals and practices for the Flying Legends Airshow 2010 and previews what we can expect at this year's event.
No rest for the weary: Travels in the Garden of EnglandElliott enjoys his last airshow-free weekend until mid-October by travelling to Kent with intent to rest his body (and, indeed, his wallet) before the 'big push' of June and July.